A research into street identity 

Visual Research, Art direction, Print design | 2013 | Self-initiated


How can graphic design be used to define the identity of a street? This MA research project aims to create a methodology that can be used to define and analyse what are the markers that create an ‘identity’ of a street. The steet to be analysed is Mill Road, Cambridge, UK.

A combination of thorough photographic and typographic research was conducted. It included classifications of objects found in the shops, hand-written notes, textures and logotypes. The typologies led to valuable conclusions and also defined the key identity markers of the street.





The final outcome of the project consisted of four booklets that represented four aspects of the identity of the trade zones of Mill Road: physical appearance; brand identity of the shops, objects that represent the unique qualities of each shop and tone of voice. 

The booklets were named ‘Physicality’, ‘Identity’, ‘Personality’ and ‘Voice’ and positioned in an order so that they reveal the area from its external appearance to the unique voice of the street.